We will measure the attainment of objectives on teachers and students all through the project. The evaluation will be done in 7 stages

1. Initial evaluation – September 2019

2. Kick-off meeting evaluation – November 2019

3. LTTA1 evaluation – March 2020

4. LTTA2 evaluation – May 2020

5. LTTA3 evaluation – November 2020

6. LTTA4 evaluation – May 2021

7. Final evaluation – Jun-July 2021

Initial evaluation will consist of a questionnaire applied on teachers and students about the use and frequency of ICT, Web 2.0 tools and mobile apps at school, about their interest in using such tools and their utility from the perspective of the respondents. A similar questionnaire will be applied at the end, to measure the impact of the project activities. We will use Google Survey and will share the results with the coordinators and partner schools.

The Learning, Teaching, Training Activities will provide evaluation data related to teachers’ and students’ acquisitions and improvements of skills and competences. The evaluation will be done during the events through an evaluation sheet made with Google Survey made by the Hungarian school.After each LTTA the local teams will meet to give feedback on the Good practices of each partner school by questionnaires. We will also apply quantitativemarkers to assess the success of the project – number of participants, number of lessons/activities created, numbers of dissemination instruments and visitors/followers, numbers of magazine issues, number of online meetings of partners. The impact of the project will also be measured step by step, following the effect produced at the level of each school. Each team will create an Impact report at the end of the project.