On October 10-16, 2021, the 2nd mobility of the European Erasmus + program entitled “GO
ICT” took place by the 2nd GEL Xanthi. Students and teachers from Bulgaria, Turkey,
Poland, Hungary and Greece participated. During it, 5 workshops were implemented:
Workshop1- inverted class (Mathematics in class A on inequality)
Workshop 2-ICT tools in the Greek school-lesson teaching with the Geogebra math tool
 Workshop 3- use of the Kahoot Challenge in Ancient Greek / Literature
Workshop 4- Assessment methods in the use of Kahoot Challenge, Socrative and Open e-
class (MLS of the school)
Workshop 4-Teaching intermolecular forces in the city’s s science laboratory using the
augmented reality tool.
At the same time, the participants in the mobility were guided to the beauties of Xanthi, to the
Nestos Gorge, to the Archaeological Museum of Abdera, to Lake Vistonida, to the church of
Agios Nikolaos and to the city of Xanthi. An excursion to Thessaloniki and a tour of important
monuments of the city took place.