Organized by

Móricz Zsigmond Református Kollégium, Gimnázium, Technikum Általános Iskola és Óvoda,

in Kisújszállás, Hungary from June 27 th – June 30 th 2022

During the meeting the coordinators summarized the whole project together and they compiled the draft
version of the Final report of the project. Before the meeting all partners collected their national requirements
regarding the Final report.
The coordinators discussed and evaluated the questionnaires which were filled during the whole project.
These were:

  1. ICT usage – in the beginning and at the end of the project. How teachers’ attitude has changed during the
    project to ICT tools (3 teachers)
  2. Evaluation sheet GO ICT – after the end of each mobilites, participants filled in a questionnaire about the
    local programmes, lectures and the ICT tools, they learnt. (all the participants on the mobility)
  3. ICT in education – after each mobilitiy when the participants returned to their home schools teachers and
    students tried out the learnt softwares and gave feedback on their usability. This provides feedback on
    classroom usability and efficiency. (1 teacher, 15 students)
    Participants discussed the common and different sections of the final report, organized and collected the
    completed products and dissemination materials and shared to each other.
    Coordinators collected evaluation and dissemination data for the second year and the whole length of the
    project and uploaded it to Google Drive.
    Coordinators collected and analysed the products of the project and uploaded to the Erasmus+ Project
    Result platform and eTwinning.
    After the meeting the Turkish partner will check and upgrade the website with the evaluation data and other
    necessary information.
    The coordinators checked all the data and budget in Mobility Tool such as: Project Management,
    Learning, Teaching and Training Activities (mobilites, dates, groups, paricipant numbers, distances, grants, ),
    Budget, Reports, Partnership Dashboards.
    The participants checked the Dissemination platforms of the project: eTwinning, Facebook group,
    Instagram, Project website, Erasmus+ Project Result platform.
    The participants travelled together to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, and explored it with the help of
    Hungarian teachers. All teams visited the Fisherman’s Bastion, Castle of Buda on the Buda side of the capital
    and on Pest side Heroes Square, City Park, Hunedoara Castle, House of Music, the Opera House, St.
    Stephen Basilica, the Parliament (only the view) and they expressed their sympathy at the shoes on the
    Danube bank as a very important activity to learn about the host country’s culture and respect each religion in
    community life, in the world.
    This LTTA helped teachers to:
  • improve their creativity
  • work and collaborate in multinational teams
  • develop their interpersonal and communication skills
  • improve their English language skills with using this language as the working language
  • improve their organisation and group coordination skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • increase their expertise in organising transnational events and be better equipped to deal with issues that
    may arise in the process.