Thanks to our successful Erasmus + application, our school, the Móricz Zsigmond
Reformed College, Grammar School, Vocational High School, Primary School and
Kindergarten, hosted the 1st international project kick-off meeting of the “GOod prICTices”
project between 16 th and 21 st November 2019.

During the 2-year project, with 4 partner schools and the coordination of our school,
we work with participating students and teachers to achieve the goal of the project. Which is
to examine how and what infocommunication tools and mobile applications are used by the
different partner institutions in their teaching-learning process, and provide colleagues with
good practices for their future work. Students will demonstrate the use of these new tools
during their various international visits and then incorporate their use into learning processes
with the help of colleagues. Their social and communication skills will develop in a
multicultural environment. As part of working together, students and teachers use English as
the common language.

During the professional programs, the guest educators were able to gain a lot of new
knowledge about the latest infocommunication tools, technologies and their methodological
use in the field of business knowledge. Zoárd Báhiczky and Dániel Balogh 11SZC class
students performed well in front of the international teaching team when presenting some
software in English.(WorArt, Padlet, Scrumble)

Following this, foreign colleagues were given a sample of how we incorporate ICT
tools into our teaching practice and how we would like to fulfill our application commitments. Two Hungarian colleagues presented a lesson for our guests. Later on all the teachers
discussed the lesson, analysed and talked about its adaptations.

About the sights and attractions of Kisújszállás our guests could hear dr. Tibor
Kovács, the Deputy Mayor, who guided the tourists all over our city and also welcomed the
visitors at the City Hall on behalf of the city management.

We also made a short visit to the Kisharang Reformed Kindergarten, where the
children welcomed guests from afar with a magnificent performance and great love.
Among the many interesting leisure programs, we visited Eger, where the guests could admire the Eger Castle and the university, and in addition to a wine tasting, there was also an
opportunity for more informal conversations. The project meeting was closed by a
magnificent traditional dance performance and dance house in Kisújszállás.

Please see the pictures and video from the Gallery taken at the meeting.

The next international project meeting will take place in March next year in Xanthi,
Greece, with the participation of students and teachers, where the topic of mathematics and
science will be covered.

Piroska Monokiné Serege