Let’s GO ICT!

I am glad to inform you that our KA229 Erasmus+ project called GOod PrICTices-GO ICT has been approved with the participation of 5 schools from Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland and Greece.

Please follow our project through our website http://goicterasmus.com/ , Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Goict-110284573773195  or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/goict2019/ #goict . We will post news about our project happenings here.

Send us your thoughts and comments and GO ICT!

Love, Piroska


5 schools from 5 countries.

  1. Móricz Zsigmond Református Kollégium, Gimnázium, Technikum, Általános Iskola és Óvoda
    Hungary, Kisújszállás
  2. Profesionalna gimnazia po targovia i restorantyorstvo
    Bulgaria, Vratsa
  3. Sultanahmet Suphi Pasa Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi
    Turkey, Istanbul
  4. Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych w Rumi
    Poland, Rumia
  5. 2nd General Lycium of Xanthi
    Greece, Xanthi

Check them out here http://goicterasmus.com/partner-scholls/

Those who move the project forward

Let me introduce you the school coordinators who are the heart of the project. The project was born according to their idea with their cooperation and they are responsible for the implementation of it.

Hungarian coordinator Piroska Monokiné Serege Hungarian coordinatorIT and English teacher since 2007. She has been working in Móricz since 2010. Her main subjects are Networking and Computer Science. She is responsible for international relations at school. She has been preparing and implementing projects of Comenius, Leonardo and Erasmus+ since 2012. She is married and has got a daughter. Her hobby is gardening.
Bulgarian coordinator Ivka Nikolchova Bulgarian coordinatorBiology, Chemistry and English Teacher since 2000. Works in The Vocational School of Trade and Catering, Vratsa, Bulgaria since 2000. Married. She has got a son. 
Organizational skills. Leadership skills. Teamwork skills. Skills for making quick and adequate decisions. Responsibility and organization in the performance of official duties  
Turkish coordinator Cem Bilgin Turkish coordinator

I’m Cem from Istanbul – TURKEY! I graduated from “The Teacher of Accounting” department. Then , I finished International Financial Reporting and Auditing Master Program. I have been working as vice principal for 13 years and at the same time as teacher for 15 years in Istanbul. My department at school is “Accounting and Finance”. I’m the responsible vice principal of Erasmus projects in my school. I’m fond of travelling, I have experience of visiting 51 countries until now. The discovering new places is the most enjoyable thing for me. I like keeping communication and meeting with new people so much…
Iwona Świtońska Polish coordinatorA 22-year experienced teacher. She’ s been teaching English in Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących in Rumia in Poland. She manages two Erasmus projects at her school. She is responsible for communication with project’s partners, dissemination and preparation of students for mobilities. A mother of an only son, likes travelling, cooking and riding a bike.
Greek coordinator
Aikaterini Mavrodi
Greek coordinator

Katerina Mavrodi teaches chemistry since 1995 in various schools and from 2008 in the 2nd General Lyceum of Xanthi as a teacher of chemistry and responsible for the chemistry laboratory. She participates as  a volunteer in stray animals shelters, loves to travel, to discover new places and open new horizons.

News about our project by Project Teams




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After Kick-off Meeting

Greece Meeting 1 Greece Meeting 2

Bulgaria Meeting 1 Bulgaria Meeting 2

Poland Meeting 1 Poland Meeting 2 Poland Meeting 3

Türkiye Meeting 1 Türkiye Meeting 2 Türkiye Meeting 3 Türkiye Meeting 4


GO ICT Begins Poster Polish Meeting Turkish Meeting