The third LTTA, Short-term exchange of groups of pupils – C4 “GOod PrICTices” took
place from February 27th – March 5th 2022 in Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących, II Secondary
School in Rumia, Poland.
It brought together participants from
 2nd General Lycium of Xanthi, Xanthi / Greece: 2 teachers and 3 students attended
 Sultanahmet Suphi Pasa Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, Istanbul / Turkey: 3
teachers and 4 students attended
 The Vocational School of Trade and Catering,Vratsa / Bulgaria : 2 teachers and 4
students attended
 Móricz Zsigmond Református Kollégium, Gimnázium, Kisújszállás / Hungary: 4
teachers and 8 students attended

1 st Day
Monday 28.02.2022
On the first day the guests were welcomed by the host school. Students spent their time
together with host students using English as the communication language. Host students introduced
their schools, cities and countries to the other students and guests of the local community. Polish
Primary school students joined to introduce their country by using English as the means of
communication. Each team introduced itself. Students explored the school in groups by using QR
codes with using their mobiles.
The English teacher of the host school presented the ICT tools of the Good practice of an
English lesson. She used Teams, Squid and Flippity. Students familiarized with Flippity learning
Polish and English words.
All the students worked with these tools. Participants collected and familiarized with possible
ICT tools for the Good practice, they worked in multicultural groups with the help of Polish students.
In the afternoon students explored the town together with the help of the local students. They
visited the most popular places while using English as the langugage of communication. As an
exercise students visited the local Jump city in the afternoon. They had lunch and dinner together.
2 nd Day
Tuesday 01.03.2022
On the second day all the participants visited Gdansk, Northern Poland’s largest city. The
city forms the Tri-City metropolitan area with neighboring Gdynia and Sopot. The group explored the
Old Town, the heart of the city and the reconstructed 17th-century buildings. We visited the in the
cobbled streets and took in sights such as Golden Gate, Old Town Hall, Neptune’s Fountain, and the
medieval Crane. We went inside to St. Mary’s Basilica, saw Neptune’s Fountain, King Arthur’s Court
and the Tower, Długi Targ Street, The European Solidarity Centre, The Amber Street and saw the
astronomical clock.
The group visited the II. World War Museum in Gdansk where we explored the whole
permanent exhibition with English language AudioGuide.
3 rd Day
Wednesday 02.03.2022
On the third day the groups of students and teachers familiarized with additional possible
ICT tools for an English lesson. They worked in groups with the help of accompanying teachers and
Polish students. The English teacher of the host school presented three new ICT tools Wordwall,
Quizlet and Liveworksheets. Students had to create their own tasks and share them.
In the evening an international evening was organized during which all students danced to
their own folkdance and taught their mates to dance. Certificates were given to all participants.
4 th Day
Thursday 03.03.2022

On the fourth day the English teacher of the host school taught her lesson for the whole
group using her previously presented ICT tools. The topic of the lesson was Protecting the
environment-learning new vocubaly. Student groups had to solve exercises using Liveworksheets and
Wordwall. At the end they revised their knowledge about Protecting the environment by using ICT
The participants visited the city of Hel, which is a city in Puck County, Pomeranian
Voivodeship, Poland, located on the tip of the Hel Peninsula, about 33 kilometres from the Polish
The group visited Puck Bay, Jurata (Goddess of Jurata, Torpedo boat) “Helska Bliza”, which
is a lighthouse, Seal Sanctuary (feeding seals, a lecture) and the Fisheries Museum. Some of the
students saw the sea for first time in their life.
5 th Day
Friday 04.03.2022
On the last day all the participants gave feedback of the meeting with an evaluation google
form. The teachers discussed the lesson, lesson plan, documentation, possible adaptations of the
The teachers summarized and compiled the Report of the meeting.
The partners agreed in that the next mobility will take place in Turkey, Istanbul. The mobility
dates will be from the 26 th April until 2 nd May. The topic of the presented lesson will be Biology and

This LTTA helped students to:

  • enhance team working in multicultural environment skills helping them to better integrate on the
    global labor market
  • develop their ICT skills
  • understand European common frames of working
  • experience other educational systems by attending real lessons
  • share information and experience
  • use English as the means of communication
    Accompanying teachers in the short-term exchanges of groups of pupils:
  • got in touch with other educational systems
  • shared experiences to increase students motivation
  • enhanced their foreign language communication skills
  • learnt how to use European tools for school improvement
  • discover European indicators for school effectiveness
  • reinforced the relations between school – families/ parents’ association – policy makers