Project Summary

Through modern teaching and learning, 21st century abilities can be developed, especially by using technology effectively. Mobile devices like smartphones, iPads or tablets spread rapidly in nowadays´ online society with the applications and tools on them as well. A growing tendency of their usage can also be found in schools, however most countries in Europe are unfortunately insufficient in terms regarding mobile devices and ICT tools.

Moreover, some of the schools have been owned the appropriate equipments, the teachers are not all the time well-educated to use these modern devices and they often seem to be worthless. Students are involved more and highly motivated in their learning processes and they always succeed while using mobile and ICT tools through their learning. In addition, mobile and digital tools are essentials in increasing collaboration, which are one of the fundamental skills that are compulsory in the world of work.

Our aim is to examine the similar partner institutions from all over Europe by observing several ways of how and what kind of technology and mobile learning are used during their teaching and learning process and provide good examples and practices for them for further development. Because of the high differences between schools regarding technology–based teaching, it is necessary to pay attention to ICT tools and mobile apps.

Work process; Our project will consist of a number of lessons with specific learning objectives. Each lesson will include detailed steps for a Good practice for school purposes and will be supported by teaching resource materials for appropriate use in the classroom. A digital collection will be made by combining each Good practices to be available for educational use. Our aim is to create an online platform to share the resource materials for further use.