Organized by Sultanahmet Suphi Paşa Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi,

in İstanbul, Turkey from April 27th – May 1st 2022

The fifth LTTA, Short-term exchange of groups of pupils – C5 “GOod PrICTices” took place from April 27th – May 1st 2022 in Sultanahmet Suphi Paşa Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi in İstanbul, Turkey.

It brought together participants from

  • 2nd General Lycium of Xanthi,Tzavela 10, 67131 Xanthi, Greece: 3 teachers and 6 students attended
  • Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących, II Secondary School in Rumia, in Rumia, Poland: 2 teachers and 4 students attended
  • The Vocational School of Trade and Catering, 3000 Vratsa, 3 Hristo Smirnenski str.: 2 teachers and 4 students attended
  • Móricz Zsigmond Református Kollégium, Gimnázium, Technikum, Általános Iskola és Óvoda Széchenyi út 4. 5310 Kisújszállás, Hungary: 2 teachers and 5 students attended

1st Day

Wednesday 27.04.2022

On the first day the guests were welcomed by the host school. Students spent their time together with host students using English as the communication language. After Turkish teachers’ welcoming 4 guest partner countries, host students introduced their school, city, educational system to the guest teachers, students and guests of the local community. Then each partner school did the same presentations to everybody.

 The English teacher of the host school presented the Turkish National Education Platform “EBA”

 Then Biology teacher of the host school taught a lesson with a new Good practice “Plickers”

 All the students and teachers practised this tool with a quiz. After an enjoyable and didactive lesson everybody grasped how to use Plickers.

In the afternoon students explored the town together with the help of the local students. All team visited

“ Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts”,  “Blue Mosque” and “Hagia Sophia Mosque” as a very important  activity to learn about host country culture.

             They had lunch and dinner together.

2nd Day

Thursday 28.04.2022

On the second day

           Go ICT team collected and familiarized with a mobile tool “Poll Everywhere” for the Good practice, working in multicultural groups with the help of accompanying Biology teacher of the host school . Teachers discussed about the lesson, lesson plan, documentation, possible adaptations of the lesson.

           Host and guest students played a game named “Catching Flag” and cooperated with each other.

           All the participants visited “Topkapı Palace” , “Grand Bazaar” and “Spice Bazaar” .

The group explored the Old Town, the heart of the city, historical peninsula and the centenary constructions. So they understood, felt the soul of the city, country history and culture.

3rd Day

Friday 29.04.2022

On the third day

     The groups of students and teachers familiarized with additional possible ICT tool for an ICT lesson. Its name was “Edmodo”. They had a lesson on Edmodo tool, students had to fill the worksheet prepared for them,  create their own tasks and at the end they saw what they learned by completing a quiz on Edmodo.

     Teachers discussed about the lesson, lesson plan, documentation, possible adaptations of the lesson.

     In the afternoon all the participants visited Dolmabahçe Palace,  Taksim Square, Galata Tower also

St. Anthony of Padua Church and Roman Catholic Church. They felt how important is the respect to each religion in community life, in the world.

4th Day

Saturday 30.04.2022

On the fourth day the participants visited  Princes’ Islands altogether. They had some time in “Büyükada” and spent a relaxing peaceful time with good friendship.

        Some of the students saw an island for first time in their life.

        In the evening an international evening was organized during which all students danced to their own folkdance and taught their mates to dance. Certificates were given to all participants.

5th Day

Sunday 01.05.2022

On the last day

         There was a meeting at the school among the teachers. They discussed about those points below:

1- Dissemination of the Project ( All partners will cooperate with local newspapers, institutions for the visibility and dissemination of the project)

2- E-Twinning Platform (All partners will load their own works until the end of May 2022)

3- Social Media Accounts ( All social media accounts will be updated)

4- Project Website(All partners will send their own local activities, photos, info and dissemination materials –Link, photo, screen-shot, web address- to  Emine Özdemir until the end of May 2022)

5- Planning the Hungarian Mobility

6- Preparing Report of Istanbul Mobility

Serege until 10th May 2022

8- Project Products (All partners will send information of the digital tools that they presented as Good practice in their mobility to Iwona Świtońska until 10th May 2022 + Polish Team will prepare “Project Product” the PDF printed version until the Hungarian Mobility.

       All the participants gavefeedback of the meeting with an evaluation google form. The teachers discussed the lesson, lesson plan, documentation, possible adaptations of the lesson.

The teachers summarized and compiled the Report of the meeting.

       The partners agreed in that the next and last mobility will take place in Budapest, Hungary. The mobility dates will be from the 26th – 30 th June 2022.

This LTTA helped students to:

– enhance team working in multicultural environment skills helping them to better integrate on the global labor market

– develop their ICT skills

– understand European common frames of working

– experience other educational systems by attending real lessons

– share information and experience

– use English as the means of communication

– to know more about country, history, culture, religion.

Accompanying teachers in the short-term exchanges of groups of pupils:

– got in touch with other educational systems

– shared experiences to increase students motivation

– enhanced their foreign language communication skills

– learnt how to use European tools for school improvement

– discover European indicators for school effectiveness

– reinforced the relations between school – families/ parents’ association – policy makers